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Steffany is an independent designer from the UK who specialises in helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives develop thoughtful and distinguished visual strategies to build their brand and effectively communicate their services and work

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Style Guides
Website Design
Print Stationery
Lookbooks & Catalogues
E-books & PDF’s
Photo Editing & Manipulation
GIF’s & Motion Graphics
Divi Layouts (Coming Soon)
Premade Branding Kits (coming soon)
E-Courses (coming soon)

About Collette & Coco

It all started in November 2017…
I’d been working as a freelance designer since leaving The University of Bolton earlier that year and hated the idea of working for someone else. I’ve always been happier marching to the beat of my own drum. So, I decided to start taking steps to creating my own creative business.

That’s when ‘Collette & Coco’ was born. A space to show my work and services that I offer. I believe it’s important for small businesses and entrepreneurs to have their own online space that they can be proud of. I can either do that for them or give them the tools to do it themselves.

My goal is to help you get your business off the ground. A great brand and website are vital in this digital age and great design is so important to get your brand noticed. It’s the core of your business so it’s important that it sends out the right message to your clients.

Whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time gig, it has the potential to reach great heights and you just need the right support.

Meet Steffany

I’m a graphic designer, photographer and blogger from Chorley. It’s a little market town in the North West of England. 

Photography and design are things that have been passionate about since I was a child, after school, life happened and I ended up taking a different path for a few years which meant moving to Norfolk, having a child and working in retail for most of my twenties. 

Fast forward to 2013. I was working in an office job that made me miserable and I just craved the chance to create but I was exhausted. My life was ‘eat, work, sleep, repeat’ and I was living paycheck to paycheck and missing out on valuable time with my daughter that I’ll never get back. 

So, my boyfriend bought me a DSLR. I did some training to hone my photography skills and became a wedding photographer. I loved it for a while and I realised that editing and creating digital art was what excited me more. Then, the chance to go to university came about. I thought that ship had sailed and it had been a huge regret for me that I hadn’t been. When the chance came I snapped it up. 

I enrolled in the University of Bolton at age 33 for a BA Hons in Graphic Design. It was daunting but I enjoyed every minute of it and learned so much.

I guess you could call me a late bloomer.

Now, I’m following my dreams and helping other business owners and creatives by building websites and offering design services to help their brands stand out from the crowd. 

Fun Facts

 My daughter and I are obsessed with crime dramas… our favourites are Elementary, Bones & Sherlock. We like to do our best Taggart impressions by yelling “Therrs bin a murrdurrr

 I’m a coffee addict. I need a bucket full before I can function as a rational human bean

 I collect vintage cameras and have about 30. Some work, some look pretty on my bookcase. I love polaroids and film.

 I have OCD about my bed. The rest of the house can be in total chaos but as long as my bed is made I can breathe.

 I’m obsessed with planners, diaries and pretty notebooks and buy far too many that never really get used.

 I’m an INFP (Idealist), Scorpio and my Chinese astrological sign is a Monkey.


 My favourite smell is fresh laundry… I have been known to loiter outside launderettes because the smell is heavenly.

 I’m a late bloomer because I went to uni at 33 and only learned to drive at 37.

 My great-grandmother was a distant cousin of Winston Churchill and my great-grandfather was Romany Gypsy. One of my earliest memories is playing in my great uncles’ vardo and feeding his Shetland ponies.

 My 13-year-old daughter is April Ludgate… I’m Leslie Knope! We both LOVE Parks & Recreation.

 I’m a huge Potterhead. I’m Ravenclaw and my Patronus is a beagle.

 I’ve been reading tarot since I was 14

 I’m a mutant… I have central heterochromia (different colours in my eyes) and was born without a Palmaris longus muscle in my arm.